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Professor of IT Management and Shidler Fellow

Shidler College of Business
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Pearson has published the fourth edition of my security textbook with Randy Boyle. Randy is now the first author.

The Journal of End User Computing has published an article that Sal Aurigemma and I wrote. Its title is “Evaluating the Effectiveness of Static Analysis Programs versus Manual Inspection in the Detection of Natural Spreadsheet Errors."

Wiley has just published the 6th edition of the Computer Security Handbook by Bosworth, Kabay, and Whyne. I wrote Chapter 6 on Data Communications and Information Security with Eric Fisher.

In April, I took a research trip to Seattle, where I talked with Microsoft's Excel team on ways Excel can address spreadsheet risks, visited the Boeing Archives for information on supply chain security, and visited Prof. Jochen Scholl at the Unviersity of Washington to discuss HICSS research.

I recently gave a presentation on the helicopters of Vietnam at Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. I write the museum's blog.

In June, I gave a presentation on spreadsheet risks for the Utah Government Auiditors' Association.

In July, I presented three papers at the European Spreadsheet Risks Information Group and the First Workshop on Software Engineering Methods in Spreadsheets at the University of Delft.